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“So..dis shit like instagram ??”
- Ur boy asking bout tumblr (via 809212)

"tomatoes are fruits because the se-"



shut the fuck up

tomatoes ain’t no goddamn fruit

chop a tomato up and put it in a fruit salad

take it to the next function

remember what i said when they whoopin yo ass for putting a fucking tomato in the fruit salad


Black love is never having to ask where’s the seasoning


note: if you really don’t care about something, you wouldn’t even acknowledge it
















Who told you Superman wasn’t Black???

Uh, the comic. Have you ever picked one up?

Bitch if you don’t shut yo white ass up smh.

And the idea of Superman was taken from old stories of African Gods like Horus so yea you mothafuckas never been original.


Do you have a source from DC comics that Superman was taken from that idea? Because I haven’t found a single one anywhere stating that.

From DC comics??? Lmao Do you think a white company like DC comics would say they stole the idea???? Did Elvis say he stole ideas from black musicians??? Did Thomas Edison say he stole ideas from Black inventors????? Did Columbus say he was really lost and the Black Moors on his boat actually led him to “America” so that he could trade with the Native Americans (not take their land)?????
Please think before you speak.
But those African stories of Horus have been around for a very long time. And its very funny how superman just happens to have similar abilities.

You are like speaking to a wall. I read up on Horus and there are no similarities. 1. Superman (Kahl-El) was born on an entire different made up planet. 2. Horus was a God of war who caught semen in his hand and threw it in a river (which superman never did) 3. Horus had his left eye gouged out (superman did not) 4. Horus also spread his semen on a piece of lettuce and fed it to someone (Again, superman did not do that or anything similar to that). 5. Horus liked to settle things with boat races (Nope can’t remember an issue where Superman did that) 6. Horus was often seen as a Falcon where one eye was the sun and the other the moon. 7. Superman was an alien to this planet raised by humans, Horus was raised by his mother who conceived him by creating a golden penis from her dead husband.
Again, you should source and stop blaming it on race and blame it on the fact you literally made it up. Why don’t you actually do research instead of trying to create a situation based on race.

Smh lets see the similarities
Being as though I said African Gods like Horus….lets go with Heru
1. Heru’s powers emanate from the sun because he is an aspect of the sun (Ra), the Supreme God. Superman as a Kryptonian gets his power from the earth’s yellow sun.
2. Heru comes from an advanced civilization of deities. As an infant, he came from Egypt to the earth with his mother Auset, to escape destruction. Superman, as an infant, comes from the advanced civilization of Krypton to escape destruction.
3. Heru lost his father. Superman lost his parents.
4. Heru possesses the divine strength, power, might, courage and endurance of a solar god. Superman possesses the superhuman strength, power, courage and stamina of a Kryptonian energized by the sun.
5. Heru, the Golden Falcon/Solar Hawk-the Winged Solar Disc can fly anywhere at supernatural speeds. Superman can fly faster than the speed of light.
6. Heru dies and was resurrected twice as Asar (Osiris) and as an infant. Superman died and was resurrected.
7. Heru fights the never-ending battle for Maat, which is Truth, Justice and Righteousness. Maat is his mother Auset (Isis). Superman fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way.
8. Heru is an Angel of God or Amon -Ra called a neter in Egyptian theology. Superman’s real name is Kal- El.
9. Heru possesses the All-Seeing Eye of Atum -Ra, God which is an aspect of his mother Auset, thereby giving him omniscience and solar heat vision. Superman has X-ray vision, telescopic vision and heat vision.
10. Heru is of the House of God, Atum-Ra. Superman is of the House of EL, God.
So what were you saying??????


African stories are lost in the fact that people don’ acknowledge where their ideas come from. Thank you for this. 


Killed that bitch 👏

Did she do her research yet… Cause I haven’t heard from her yet… Lol

lmaoo exactly
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